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Engineering courses

Nuclear Physics

Nuclear physics investigates the basic physical constituents of atomic nuclei. It attempts to understand the relationships between the particles that make up atoms, as well as their creation and decay

Information security

This course focuses on the fundamentals of information security that are used in protecting both the information present in computer storage as well as information traveling over computer networks. In

Biomedical Engineering

Bioengineering or Biomedical Engineering (BME) is a discipline that advances knowledge in engineering, biology, and medicine – and improves human health through cross- disciplinary activities that i

Telecommunication Systems and Network

The Bachelor of Engineering Science (Network Systems and Telecommunications) focuses on developing mastery of theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to network design, management and servi

Oil and Gass Engineering

This course aims to equip you with sector specific oil and gas engineering, technology and operational skills to succeed in this competitive environment. The oil and gas industry is continuously deve

Aircraft and Rocket Construction and Design

Rocket scientists are aerospace engineers who specialize in the design and manufacture of spacecraft. They work with the principles of science and engineering to create vehicles that fly within or abo


Avionics, or aviation electronics, is a general term for all electrical equipment used in missiles, aircraft and spacecraft. Avionics encompasses components the pilot directly uses, such as navigation

Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is a discipline that integrates several fields of electrical engineering and computer science required to develop computer hardware and software. Computer engineers usually have t

The Aircraft Maintenance

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Technology program offers the student the knowledge and skills required to enter a career as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician. Once employed in the aviation indust